Sportech Connects UK Punters to ZeTurf’s French Pools

Sportech Racing and Digital is pleased to announce the successful launch of commingled betting from the UK into the French pari-mutuel pools hosted by French gaming operator ZeTurf.

Through its partnership with Sportech, ZeTurf offers an alternative and attractive option for betting on French racing.

Bruno Gay, Vice President Sales and Business Development EMEA for Sportech, remarked, “Sportech is very pleased to facilitate further connection between our global clients – in this case between the UK and ZeTurf of France – and to provide yet another key global commingling interface stream that further reinforces our strategic partnership with ZeTurf.”

Bump 50:50 Continues Charity Client Acquisition Push

With continued growth in new Catch the Ace raffle variation.

Sportech’s Bump 50:50 continues its push into the non-sports charitable market with the acquisition of an additional eight charitable organization clients over the last month.

Bump 50:50 will deliver online 50/50 raffles, including five deployments of its new Catch the Ace raffle, to charitable organizations working in health care, medical research, social services, the arts, and animal welfare.

The signing of eight new contracts for online raffles in a single month signals that charitable organizations are looking to innovative ways to raise funds for their charitable missions as the world battles COVID-19.

Dave Kurland, Director of Business Development & Operations for Bump 50:50, commented, “While opportunities for traditional fundraising are greatly curtailed, there remains an unprecedented need for resources to assist communities in this difficult time, so it’s gratifying for Bump 50:50 to be able to provide our clients with engaging platforms that allow them to stay in touch with donors and continue to raise funds for their missions.”

To learn more about Bump 50:50’s online raffle solution, visit

Sportech Launches Tote Betting at Central Moscow Hippodrome

Sportech Racing and Digital is pleased to announce that it successfully launched Tote betting services at the Central Moscow Hippodrome for client Pari Engineering Rus.

Tote betting on live races held at the historic Moscow racetrack is now powered by Sportech’s Quantum™ System Software, with operational services delivered from our Global Quantum™ Data and Operations Centre in Europe.

Prior to launching Tote services for live racing, Sportech provided Tote betting technology and services to Pari Engineering Rus for the operation of their OTB locations and for commingling into international pools.

Bruno Gay, Vice President Sales and Business Development EMEA for Sportech, commented, “Sportech is very pleased to have helped our client Pari Engineering Rus successfully extend their Tote betting operation to the racetrack. We look forward to working closely with Pari Engineering to increase consumer engagement with Tote betting in Russia through Quantum™ System’s flexible omni-channel solution.

Bump 50:50 Powers Arizona Multi-Sport Coronavirus Fundraising Initiative

Bump 50:50, a division of Sportech Racing and Digital, is proud to supply the technology that will power a state-wide digital raffle organized by Arizona’s top sports properties to raise funds for the Arizona Together Coronavirus Relief Fund.

Launched on May 4th, the raffle website offers Arizona residents VIP experiences with the purchase of raffle tickets. Proceeds will be donated to the AZ Coronavirus Relief Fund, which provides financial support to organizations working to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in Arizona.

Participating organizations include the Arizona Bowl, Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Coyotes, Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona State Athletics, University of Arizona Athletics, Cactus Bowl, Cactus League, PlayStation® Fiesta Bowl, Grand Canyon University Athletics, Northern Arizona University Athletics, Phoenix Mercury, Phoenix Raceway, Phoenix Rising, Phoenix Suns, Scottsdale Charros and Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Residents of Arizona purchase raffle tickets at for an opportunity to win prize packs that include once-in-a-lifetime experiences like premium game tickets, VIP perks, player meet-and-greets, autographed memorabilia and more. The raffle will continue through May 26th at 5 PM Pacific Time.

Dan Tanenbaum, President of Bump 50:50, commented, “Bump 50:50 is very happy to deliver a raffle platform that can go beyond the standard 50/50 raffle, especially at a time when there is such profound need. We are very proud of our employees who came together in a time of great stress to deliver this important platform and we congratulate the 17 Arizona sports organizations that united to create this special fund.”

Sportech Publishes Global Racing Schedule

Sportech’s team at Winners in Connecticut are now publishing a Global Racing Schedule, compiling available information to help our customers and clients keep up with global racing activity as we work through a calendar significantly altered by COVID-19.

The information is presented on the website as a web page or downloadable PDF and can be accessed without a MyWinners betting account.

All are welcome to bookmark the MyWinners website’s new Status Update page to access the most current information available. The list is updated daily or as new information becomes available.

Sportech Renews Contract with Emerald Downs


Sportech Racing and Digital, a division of Sportech PLC, is pleased to announce the renewal and extension of the Company’s agreement with longtime client Emerald Downs Racetrack and Casino in Washington State.

The multi-year extension to the Totalisator Services Agreement was reached upon conclusion of a competitive bidding process.

Sportech Racing and Digital (“Sportech”) delivers Tote Services to Emerald Downs Racetrack and Casino (“Emerald Downs”) with Sportech’s Quantum™ System software and services from the Global Quantum™ Data and Operations Center. A local team of operations specialists support the Tote equipment installed at Emerald Downs to ensure smooth betting operations.

Emerald Downs will also adopt new Sportech technologies, including the new white label on-track mobile betting service. The new mobile option is a key component of a flexible new betting software platform that presents an intuitive user interface across a range of racetrack platforms including on-track mobile, teller service, self-service, and roaming teller service.

Bob Fraser, Vice President of Operations for Emerald Downs, remarked, “Emerald Downs value the partnership we have built with Sportech over many years and look forward to continue working together to offer our patrons the best possible betting experience when they visit our track.”

Bill Russell, Sportech’s Director, Sales and Business Development for North America, stated, “Sportech is thrilled to extend our partnership with Emerald Downs in their 25th season of live racing. We are also excited to introduce our new betting software platform for the first time in North America through Emerald Downs’ new on-track mobile. We value the trust Emerald Downs places in Sportech as a key technology partner and are committed to delivering solutions that satisfy their players and streamline their operations.”

Sportech Delivers Commingling Services, Digital Platform Under New Agreement with UK Tote Group

Sportech PLC, an international betting technology business, is pleased to announce the commencement of a new multi-year international commingling agreement with UK Tote Group and the formal handover to UK Tote Group of a proprietary digital platform,, developed jointly with Sportech.

The new international commingling agreement will enable UK Tote Group to utilise Sportech’s worldwide Quantum™ commingling ecosystem to access horseracing and other sporting pools across the globe. Such access supports their international growth aspirations including the recently announced enhanced partnership with The Hong Kong Jockey Club.

In addition to the new international commingling agreement, Sportech formally handed over a proprietary digital platform on which Sportech has worked closely with UK Tote Group over the last year to jointly create and deliver. The new platform gives UK Tote Group cutting edge digital technology in a fully containerised, cloud based solution to grow their online business. The new digital platform is directly connected to Sportech’s worldwide commingling ecosystem, bringing a myriad of opportunities for the deployment of additional Tote products from international operators.

Richard McGuire, Chief Executive of Sportech, said: “Sportech has invested heavily to develop its Quantum™ global ecosystem and to improve the quality of its international business. The global market for pool betting is in excess of US$100 billion and UK Tote Group has an impressive team with ambitious plans. Sportech is delighted to extend its relationship with UK Tote Group to support their global initiatives.”

Alex Frost, Chief Executive of UK Tote Group, said: “This agreement with Sportech demonstrates further commitment to our international development plans and a desire to see our pools betting operation lead the way in technological innovation to help grow betting on horseracing around the world.”

Sportech In The News – SBC Magazine April

Our CEO, Richard McGuire, spoke to SBC Magazine for this month’s magazine. Read the article below on how we are about to enter the most challenging period in history, but how we remain well positioned for change and challenge in 2020.

Download the Sportech article here and read the entire magazine here.

Update from Sportech on our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

While each one of us face unprecedented challenges to our usual behavior and routines due to the global pandemic, we need to prioritize advice and guidance from health authorities, and we urge you to consider your actions and movements currently.

Sportech remains focused on serving our clients to the best of our ability while also protecting the health and welfare of those clients, our employees, and our communities. Sporetch will not ask any staff to travel or place themselves in a potentially higher risk situation. If you feel you are being pressured, do not hesitate to reach out to HR, your manager or indeed me directly.

As we all do our part to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, we will share information and updates on the actions we have taken or are planning to balance client service continuation with personnel health worldwide while also doing our part to mitigate the harm from the COVID-19 pandemic.

It goes without saying that this is an unprecedented moment for all of us, so we urge our friends and colleagues to follow all instructions issued by your local and national health authorities and keep yourselves and your families healthy.

We will publish updates about Sportech PLC, Sportech Racing and Digital, and Bump 50:50 in this space as events and actions dictate. For updates on Sportech’s Winners, and Bobby V’s operations in Connecticut, please also visit and social media sites.

Sportech has been serving our industry for over 100 years and the world and its peoples have endured many difficult events over that time. As we have noted previously, our core business relies on sports and sports require stamina. We will all need that enduring quality to weather this situation, but together, weather it we will.

– Richard McGuire, CEO

Gambling Insider Q & A with Sportech’s CFO, Tom Hearne

Following the release of Sportech’s financial results for 2019, but also its coronavirus-related market update, Gambling Insider caught up with CFO Tom Hearne.

What’s the current breakdown of Sportech’s revenue, geographically and by sector?

The breakdown from an industry perspective is about half our revenue comes from what we call our racing and digital business; that is about £36m ($42.2m) last year – through the provision of tote services and digital betting services, as well as our Bump 50:50 revenue. And then about £28m of that business comes from our venues, through our exclusive pari-mutuel racing license in the state of Connecticut.

Geographically, at the moment it’s mostly US revenue. Most of our horseracing customers are in the US market; we also do business with lottery in the Dominican Republic and have our UK and European businesses. Our business is probably two thirds dominated by the US market.

Do you see this breakdown changing long term?

It varies somewhat on the nature of the business we’ll be able to grow into. One of the things we’re looking to expand is sports betting, which we wanted to do mainly through licenses in the state of Connecticut. The Connecticut legislator is currently reviewing sports betting legislation and the Government came out favourably about Sportech getting one of those licenses. Obviously, with everything that’s been going on, the legislative sessions have been halted completely.

Otherwise, we are looking to continue to expand our international capabilities and our digital offering. We’re looking to expand into the French market and we continue to look at how to expand in those kinds of markets. We’ll look at expansion in the US and Europe around tote customer and digital perspective. But really that’s around how to change their operational focus from the traditional betting terminal, to more of a better digital offering. We think that’s where the market will really continue to have opportunity.

It’s been stated the coronavirus pandemic is affecting all Sportech’s business segments. How much more could EBITDA forecasts be reduced by if sporting postponements last beyond June 2020?

As you can imagine, most of our businesses require the operation of either horseracing and/or sporting events, which have been significantly curtailed in the current environment. The one big traffic still going is from the Hong Kong Jockey Club, where we have generated significant revenue from. They are actually on the backend of the COVID-19 pandemic and starting to let people back in after having racing behind closed doors.

For us, one of the things we’ve done is put in place a war room type situation, for lack of a better term, where we sit down and assess things on a weekly basis. Most tracks are running behind closed doors and require customers to bet digitally. But, yes, obviously if this extends past June, we would continue to see revenue fall in that timeframe. We will eke out an available line of credit and assess which payments can come in to have enough available cash flow. So we’re getting there and working on every available opportunity.

Do you envisage Sportech’s share price increasing once the industry comes out the other side of the coronavirus pandemic? The market is obviously at a low now but Sportech’s share value had also fallen beforehand.

I don’t think you’d ever talk to a CEO or CFO who doesn’t want to increase the stock price. But I think the work done in 2019 and restructuring the business a bit, all the work we’re doing from a technology perspective, is showing people we can improve operating cash flow. Over time, we are making the business a better and more focused business. A business that is less industrial and more digital. And I think if we can do those things, investors will be pleased with what we’ve been able to put together.

We’re moving our business into the 21st century and if we do that well, I’d hope we’re rewarded for that. I think the stock price today reflects the uncertainty about our ability to go through that process. So the more and more we can do that and demonstrate we’re successful at doing that, investors will be happy with that, especially if we can take those revenue capabilities and convert more of that revenue to cash.

How has the transition been since Richard McGuire’s appointment as CEO in July 2019?

As part of that, Richard obviously comes from a financial background. You aim to put together a good team on the executive side – people who have a deep knowledge of operation. I have a lot of operational background and so do others in the team. We try to make sure we work together as a team on all the operational activities; Richard’s been in the business a long time and has a good idea of what we’re going to do to grow the business. Like all people who get deeper and deeper into the operational side, I think they realise there’s a lot more parts than they could have imagined in an operating business.

But there are a lot of good people in our business who’ve been in this industry for a long time. They are quite open minded about how to evolve the business and that’s key. You want to engage your staff, who are on the front lines every day. What do they see that we could be doing? So a lot of the conversations we’ve been having are about how to go from the old big terminal style to a more tablet or digitalised way. A lot of that we’ve gauged from the field, where people have come up with a lot of ideas about how to have a more digitalised and less-capital intensive business. Richard’s done a good job of engaging people in that process.

Read this article on Gambling Insider here By Tim Poole